A downloadable game for macOS

Source code on Gitlab

This project is on hold.  I'd like to revisit it in the future using Unity's new Data Oriented Tech Stack.

I do not know what this game is about yet.  For now, you can pickup a sword and bow, kill bats, destroy trees, build things, and get people to follow you around.  From the Esc menu you can generate new levels.

# Design Overview
* AI. Characters have different sets of interests and priorities. Team affiliation and vocation affect interests.  They observe the actions of others and have an affinity for each individual.  

* Persistence. Changes are permanent. Environment is shaped over time by gameplay.  Perma-everything.

* Special. You are not special. Play as another character when you die.  Any given character is replaceable.

* 2D Gameplay. Camera slides between third-person view and birds-eye view. There is no jumping and all interactive objects lie on a flat plane.

* Story. It's a sandbox game. There is no story, just things you can do.  You have no fate. You cannot "beat" the game.

* Stuff. This is not a game about accumulating lots of stuff.  There are relatively few types of items in-game, each with a distinct purpose.

* Building. The less utility-like, the better. There is a sandbox mode. I need to decide how construction happens during play. The player could designate where to build and other characters handle construction.

* Limited UI. Prefer a diagetic UI.  I spend most of my time in menus when playing action/adventure games. If there must be a menu, I want it in the world.


This game is currently unavailable